individual strengths

Dr: Jean Watson stated that “Nurses are unique kind. They have this insatiable need to care for others which is both their biggest strength and fatal flaw”. My individual strengths as a nurse are working within the scope of the profession with good communication and problem solving skills that make me work well with others in the team respectively with patients and families. Those skills help me to be on top of the game, understand patients and everyone else clearly, be the advocate for my patients to coordinate their needs and help them recover. I take responsibility for my actions, work in a team approach to help other nurses with good sense of humor in any situation. I develop great interpersonal skills to work with other discipline and members of the staff and balance the need of the patient as soon as possible. Working on the floor, I make myself available to everyone, think that all patients are my responsibilities. I help them with their care, show compassion, respect, be emphatic, be honest to establish good nurse – patient relationship to promote healing and trust.

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