AIGA NY The Part time Professor Panel Discussion

On Wednesday evening, I decided to go to an event that was being held at The New School in Manhattan, NY. The name of this event was “The Part-time Professor.” I chose to come to this event because I wanted to get some tips on entrepeneurs balancing a work life and a social life. This was my first time visiting this school. The admission was $5.00 for students and the lady at the door let me in for free because they weren’t allowed to take cash at the door. I walked in and it was a nice little set up. As people were coming in, I really didn’t notice any students. It seemed to be more professors than students there. To my suprise it was a panel discussion about designers who have their own business and also teach graphics part-time. It was more based on their experience of teaching and using techniques to have the students interact with one another and do critical thinking. It was interesting to hear their side of not knowing what to do all the time and wandering if they are giving the right answers to the student’s questions. I thought this was going to be more of talking about graphic design but it wasn’t. Overall, I was happy to have finally be able to make it to an event.



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