Spring Break, Is it really a break?

Spring break came and went. It didn’t feel like I really had a break because I was still working but was happy to get some extra hours in since I began my internship a bit late. So many things to do, so many tasks and assignments to finish. At my internship, Calling All Graphics, there was a lot of work to be designed and also a lot of approvals for previous jobs to be sent out for print. I was working on a Playbill program for “On The Town”, a Broadway show. This program was for Mrs. Gotay’s (president of Calling All Graphics) theatre organization. This organization reenacts stage shows with their own twist to it. I helped designed the cover and lay out the cast members, the crew and sponsors for the show. Another design I worked on was creating billboard menus, take-out menus and menu boards for some organic delis and cafe. This was a little bit challenging for me because I could not get the tab settings right in Adobe Indesign. It’s weird because when I went home to practice, I got it and when I’m at the internship, it doesn’t work for me. As I see the style that is being used, it helps me to understand and see how hand-lettering, sans serif and serif fonts, work together to create an attractive layout.

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