Reflection 6

TDG 3503 Reflection & Process of Design.

Last class we talked about the process of design, what working for an AD agency is like and we watched a video from TED of Elizabeth Gilbert who is an American author, essayist, short story writer, biographer, novelist, and memoirist. So far it was one of the best videos from TED that we have seen, listening to her story about how her last book was her biggest hit and how she now finds herself questioning if she will ever make a books as great if not better. I felt like this is something many of us creatives think about. I always attempt to get out of my comfort zone and make make something I’ll be proud of. One of my biggest fears is creating something that has been already done and by now is just not creative anymore because so many people have done it.

Elizabeth talked about how much easier things can be when you divide the job and pretend that if it doesn’t work just know it isn’t entirely your fault but also the creative genius in each of us. I found that to be funny, but also believe we all have something like that. There have been moments when I have no clue how to complete a design and all the sudden I have this brilliant idea and it all just work so well. For my fear of not being original enough I just started to see things differently and simply accepting that there is no way someone can have an idea that only they alone thought of. I just tell myself as long as I do it my way it is as original as they come.

That brings us to the Process of Design. To me it all start with what is being asked, most of my work comes from school therefore once given the task I analyze what is it that I have to do and then think of how will I do this. Then I do research to answer that question, I feel like seeing examples helps me a lot to understand and to do better than what I saw during my research. I find sketching to be helpful too, getting my ideas down on paper then choosing the best to bring on the computer after. To me that’s what design process is all about, brainstorm, research, sketch and finalize