Reflection 2

Reflection 2

•Class 2

Second day of class was a very important class. We went over a couple of things, starting with a video from TED, then discussing about it. We also saw a short movie from PIXAR which we also went over as a class. Afterwards we were introduced to the different fields one as a graphic designer can work in. Last but not least we were given an assignment to do in class to later on take home and work on for the first project.

At the beginning of class we watched a five to six minutes video from TED by Sunni Brown talking about Doodle and its meaning. Also how it has been defined as to do nothing when it actually helps people think. First of all, I didn’t know there was a video about such thing, I didn’t know who Sunni Brown is but after some research I learned that she is an American author in Austin, Texas known for her evangelization of the power and value of doodling. This makes sense why make a video about doodling. Another thing I learned from her video is that people who doodle have greater retention than those who simply take notes.

The second video was a short movie by PIXAR Animation Studio, “Piper” this short movie is an Oscar Winner, and I liked it very much. Aside from how sweet it is, the message behind it is what is truly important. To get out of one’s comfort zone, in short, is the message of this movie. Once Piper took the risk to do what other weren’t doing, he/she was able to see clearly what was up ahead. With that the professor leaded us to the next part of the lesson; What kind of graphic designer am I?

Specialist or Generalist? We learned the different fields we can get in as a graphic designer and even discussed how much each made. Not accurate but a guess of how much we could make depending what field we choose. We went over GD firm, learned they do all-things, all kind of designs. AD. Agency, they sell it. It is a lot of work but they get well paid. We talked about Generalist Studio and what they’re all about, as well as some companies we can look into. Same for the following:  Advertising Agency, Branding, Corporate (in-house), Editorial Design, Book Design, Packaging, Multimedia + Website Design, Wayfinding, Apparel, and Freelance.

At the end we worked in the in class assignment which was to work on a Mission Statement. We wrote down words that could describe who we are and later after write or answer, What – Who – Why? This all useful information to help us learn about What kind of Graphic Designer we are.