4b. Journal Entry:

Prof. Nicolaou and Classmates,

My office learning experiences, so far I have explore some basic skills. There are times I have to do a considerable amount of research before I can even start thinking about the layout of the projects. Also, I have to keep in mind the real world dead lines. The projects need to be done the day they are supposed to and one has to make it happen regardless of other factors.

Furthermore, I have also learned on how to act on business meeting and note taking during these meetings is essential as well. I have learned what questions should be address regarding the projects and it is essential to be clear in what approach to follow next before the project can be completed. A calendar of what stage we are in it because it gives you a time frame of where projects need to be at an specific point in time. I feel that I have learned a lot so far regarding the business side of my career and there is more to learn as well.

Thank you for your time,

Marielos. Osorio

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