Amira Abdalla

May 7, 2019

Reading #9


In this section of Ching’s book, he first discusses the wall sections. His diagrams show the wall section showing all components needed to function properly and protect the building’s interior and exterior. The stone patterns he presents are: Random, Coursed, Squared Rubble and Random, coursed, broken range work Ashlar. For the exterior wall, Ching shows us two different ways to join bricks when they meet the corner (Quoin, Long-and-short Work). Quoin is an exterior angle that is dependent on the brick’s size, color, or projection, while long-and-short work are rectangular quoins arranged alternately horizontally and vertically. Lastly, Ching gives the types of windows and their ventilation percentages. For example, one of the windows he shows is the sliding window which ventilates only 50% of the room because the doors only expose half the frame of glass.