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Structural Forces #3

Collinear: forces occure along a straight line

Vector: the sum of which is the algebric sum of the magnitude of the forces, acting along the sum line of action.

The vector: sum of all forces acting on it must equal zero, ensuring translational equilibrium : M fx =0; M fy =0; M fz =0

Kern area: is the central area of any horizontal sectio of a colum or walls

The polygon method: is a graphic technique for finding the vectors sum of a coplanar system of several concurrent forces by drawing to scale each force vector

Nonconcurrent force: they have lines of action that do not intersecr at a common point , tge vector sum of which is a single force that cuz sum traslation and rotation of a body.


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  1. J A Montgomery


    Remember the posts are to be summaries in your own words. Your post is fine for your notebook, but here we are working to practice summarizing and using terminology and articulating technical concepts in our own words.

    Prof. Montgomery

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