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Building material signifies structural existence. It demonstrates the presence of aesthetic sense in design, and hence, defines the practicability of the structure. The use of building materials while designing a structure is symbolic of its existence in the field of architectural visualization.

Reading 5 and Reading 6


Wood, steel, and concrete each have specific structural advantages, each with their own characteristics. Concrete makes it possible to design very robust and durable buildings, and taking advantage of its thermal mass by keeping it inside the building envelope can help regulate interior temperatures. Steel stands out for its speed and efficiency in construction. Steel structures also have excellent durability. It’s relatively lightweight and ease of construction. Wood is much lighter by volume than both concrete and steel, it is easy to work with and very adaptable on site. It is durable, and structural performance is very high and its compressive strength is similar to that of concrete.

Reading 3 and Reading 4

In reading 3 and 4, it let me know the material about stone and masonry. Masonry consists of building structures from single units that are laid and bound together with mortar. Brick, stone, and concrete blocks are the most common materials used in masonry construction. Masonry is a popular construction technique around the world, due to its many advantages. Masonry is non-combustible, so it improves fire protection for the building and its occupants. Masonry offers high resistance against rotting, pests, weather, and natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes. Being durable and resistant, Masonry can withstand large amounts of compressive weight loads.


The exterior walls of a house have several functions. Not only do they define the shape of a house, but they also support the floors, walls, and roof. Equally important is their role in separating the house’s interior from the outdoors, and to do this effectively they have to block the weather with systems that insulate, shed water, and repel moisture and air infiltration.

Reading 2

In reading 2, the important idea is safety, in Ching’s book A10-A11 is talking about egress. Egress is an important way of building. In emergence, an egress should be provided sufficient time for the occupants of a building to exit safely. The egress should be fire protection, should be as direct as possible to exit, the exits should be clearly identified. In the egress one important element to consider in the design is stairs, which must be ensured to safety by the stairs.

Reflection: Learning From Text

Reflection 1: After reading the 2.02  and 2.03, it let me have some basic concepts about architecture. Architects combine a lot of things like art,  science, nature and so on. Building construction is not an equal architecture.  In architecture, we should consider physical practical and conception. And three systems: structural system, enclosure system, and mechanical system. All of these are making people have a safe, comfortable, and useful place.

Reflection 2: To make sure that I was learned, I need to repeat it.  Like learning language, the only way that you can remember is to use it every day. When you learning some new, it is trying to understand it first, when you understand it you can repeat it more times, which can help you to remember it.  Continuous use it and repeat it can let you have deep memories.

Reflection on concept map

Siqi Wang

Building Technologh

It shows what is architecture, it provide durable shelter, it need be usable, and cultural artistic. and shows the space, material, and structure. This map through the big or small bubble tell us which is more important.