Professor Montgomery

Author: Lorac

Reflection #2

Generally, I know I learned after reading because I am able to answer questions concerning the reading. Also,  not only able to answer a question regarding the reading, but I am also able to explain why I gave a particular answer. To ensure that I learned the most important concepts in the reading, I make sure that I write it boldly in my notes for the purpose of studying. Thus, I would be able to recognize what information is most important. Also, to ensure I learned the most important concepts in the reading I make sure that I am able to elaborate on main topics as well as  subtopics.


In my opinion, I believe that a concepts map is a method used to better understand notes. While studying, it could also help by exaggerating on what is more important because of the oval sizes. Also, oval sizes could also tell what the major, minor and subtopics are. I always used to take notes using bullet points but I realized that using a concept map is a more effective way in note taking because it is quicker and better. Also, in my opinion, I think concept maps are good for architecture students because it remind me just a little about a bubble diagram.