Professor Montgomery

Author: ishrat

How important is the relationship between materials, structure, and design to you? How will you implement these relationships in the design studio?

The relationship between materials, Structure, and design are extremely important because it shows an aura of beautiful. For the architect, there is possibly no greater frustration than realizing at the end of the construction process, that the quality of the materials selected to complete the project, or the way in which said materials were installed, compromise the overall vision of the finished architecture. There for it is extremely important to understand the relationship between materials, structure and design. As a future architect we must understand the relationship between materials, structural element and design to create an architectural building. I will apply these methods in my design class, which will be beneficial for me future.


In reading #5 I learned about how Force can change an object by pulling or pushing. Force represents as a vector, which means it has both magnitude and direction. There are different types of forces such as: Collinear force, Concurrent force, Parallelogram, Similar manner, Polygon method, and Nonconcurrent force. I also learned about Structural loads, bends, or accelerations applied to structure components. Loads cause stress, bending and movements in structure. Also learn how to place structural column, beams, trusses and frames. Plate structures are stiff, planar and usually solid structures which can take loads in lots of directions. Plate structures is a reinforced concrete slab. They can provide a variety shapes and overall forms like:  rectangular plates, non-rectangular plates and triangular or trapezoidal plates.

What we have learned about stone?

Today, from the reading we leaned how there are different types of stones and how they are being utilized to construct a building. There are three types of building stones and they are: Igneous which is molten, Sedimentary made from water and wind and Metamorphic changes from heat and pressure. There are also different groups of stone such as: granite, which is made from igneous rock, limestone which is made from sedimentary rocks and marble are made of metamorphic rocks. We also learned about how you can built using stone, different patterns of stone, sustainability of stone and durability.

Reflection on reading 1&2

In reading 1&2 I have learned how you can’t compare architecture into construction. I also learned about building systems and the system of order from reading #1. I read about different types of stones and how they are used to construct building. From reading #2 I learned about how important it is to have egress in your building for emergency. Also learned the different styles of stairs and how to draw it and section drawing of stairs as well.

Learning form text- Reflection #2

Generally, I know I learned after reading is by when I can explain it to someone so that they understood it. Also using the information I learned and apply it in real life.

The things I will need to do to ensure I have learned the most important concepts in the reading are by engage with what I read,  don’t speed read and apply what i read.


Learning from Text reflection #1

After reading #1 I perceived Architectural differently by seeing how architecture is more then construction. You can not call a building architecture just because you know how to construct a building.  Architectural is more of design and creativity. Architectural is the art and science of designing building.


My thoughts on concept boards are it will help us brainstorm and generate ideas from the reading . Concept board will make the topic more clear. We can get more information from the concept board.  Since I am a visual learner it will be more helpful for me to memorize what I have read also.