Professor Montgomery

Author: Dtzunun

Learning From Text- Reflection 2

I know I learned something from his reading when I can rephrase Chings’ sentence from the text in my own words. Not only I can do this,  but I can also explain the meaning behind a sentence as well. In order for me to ensure I learned the most important concepts in the reading is by reviewing your note and sum up or come to the conclusion if the small ideas is an idea to know.

Learning From Text- Reflection 1

After reading in class, I see how Ching sees architecture in a different way. For example, building constructions doesn’t equal to architecture. This stood out to me the most  because Ching explains how not all man made construction (such as a shed or a ordinary cabin) is architecture. Architecture has a powerful meaning  which I find it very interesting. Also, Ching has a section in the book titled Building Systems. He explains how a architecture should be made and why. A building should protect one from weathers, can help one escape from danger hazard,  noise, water proof etc. Based from these readings, Ching point of view can really change one with his explanations.

Reflection: Concept Mapping

Concept mapping is an diagram that helps one to  understand the hierarchy of the ideas from big to small in a particular subject . Concept mapping consists big shapes, small shapes with the big subjects to small ideas. Plus, it consist lines which represents the relationships to the shapes.   This is a very effective note-taking technique when reading a book.  Not only it’s easy to read , it’s easy to gather up important ideas from the map in an instant. This definitely will help readers to summarizes what the author taught them in the book. Comparing this to an ordinary linear notes, this seems to be the most useful note taking  method.