Professor Montgomery

Author: Christian


Without structural elements implemented into the architectural field, there’d be a lot of chaos and a mass amount of money spent. In my opinion, structure must exist in order for architecture to truly be. The relationship between material, structure and design all go hand in hand and need one another in order to support the next. The proper materials are needed in order to create the foundation needed for structure for the design created. Previous to the readings, I always felt that the process for putting together the design is as important as the process of choosing materials for the structure. I’ll continue thinking of the different materials available, their abilities and more during my design processes.

Reading 5+6

I feel like it’s important for there to be so many variations of materials available for different construction features. This is an upside because then that way there’ll be variety in construction forms and functions. For example, steel beams come in several shapes and of course, sizes. Each of these have their own function and limits for different loads and strengths. I also think it’s important for there to be variety in exterior materials for different looks that are pleasing to different viewers.

Reading 4

The role that exterior walls play are more than one. Not only are they the foundation for the structure but they as well keep the interior from the exterior. They also help the interior by providing protection from things such as weather. Each layer to the wall plays an important role to the function and efficiency of a building. For example, the water/air barrier restricts the flow of water vapor into the insulation to keep it from forming into liquid. The rigid insulation is used to insulate the walls and keep the interior warm in colder conditions.

Reading 3

Masonry is a noncombustible material. It is also one of the most durable, strongest and weather resistant materials. Being that it is such a resistant and durable material, it lasts a long time. Being that this material lasts, expenses on repairs aren’t a big worry. Lastly, masonry is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Learning From Text

Reflection 1: The way I looked at Architecture before the reading and after the reading still remain the same. To me Architecture is about aesthetic, beauty, design, art, play of space and more. Architecture also is about the formation of materials using the knowledge of your surroundings to create something unique.

Reflection 2: Generally speaking, I know I actually registered and retained what I just sat through if I’m able to somewhat recite it back to myself without any notes. If I’m confident in my ability to share and inform others to a certain degree on the topic. To also know that you have actually learned information on the topic is to be able to answer questions on the topic if thrown your way.

Reflection: Concept Map

When note taking, a concept map would be preferably better due to its ability to differentiate the importance of the information.  In my opinion, it helps organize better as well so when you look back at them, you will know where everything is (not only you but whomever has access to it).  Concept maps also look more pleasing to the eye rather than seeing a bunch of words scattered all over a paper. Concept maps also come in handy for quick reviews before exams, homework, and more. Also they can be fun and maybe easier to remember because of the fact that it isnt a bunch of words all over the place. It can be seen more as as graphics/drawings to remember.