For our structural walk #2, we walked the high line and spoke on different elements a structure has during and after the completion. In the beginning of the high line, we encountered exposed reinforcing bars. This issue happens when the reinforcement bars are place to close to the edge of the beam. If a piece of the concrete slab was to chip away, or even crack,  any air that reaches the reinforcement bars will deteriorate it. This can cause stress to the beam, because the bars are not at their full potential. When designing a beam with reinforcing bars, the widths requirements are set. We also covered concrete slabs and precast concrete structures on the high line. When a big structure is being create, beams, slabs, columns, decking, are all placed perpendicular to the next layer. This gives maximum support to a structure. Installation is key for a structure as well. The goal is to keep the warm air in for the winter and keep cool air in for the summer. This plays a huge role for our environment as well, because the more energy we need to heat a home, the more fossil fuels are being used. So installation should be a priority as well.