From our visit to Federal Hall and taking notes from B.C.I (A.10, A11, 9.03 – 9.07), I have a better understanding of Stairs and Egress. Building codes have set certain requirements for when considering the safety exits and paths in your building. This gives all patrons a safe exit and path in case of an emergency. From my reading and taking notes, this element in your structure is one of the most important requirements. This also prevents the spread of fires, which can cause more damage to the structure. Until reading on stairs and egress, my knowledge of the importance of this process was very narrow. Stairs play a huge role in a buildings design, structure and use. Careful thought should be considered when designing stairs. Requirements are set for the min and max risers and trends.  Landings should be as wide as the stairs widths. Just small details for stairs, play a huge role in safety, circulation and occupancy.