During our last class we were introduced to the reading drawings in an unusual and fun way. For the first time we had an opportunity to work in groups. By doing the first assignment in which we needed to organize and match drawings that belonged to different buildings, we have learned how the different drawings correspond to each other. It was a challenging task as some of the buildings were similar to the other and we needed to pay attention to all the details, even the small ones. From this exercise we have learned how the different drawings relate to each other. These drawings were most of the time the same scale so when you are looking at the floor plan and the elevation you can easily see that the windows and doors are the same size so you can infer that these belong to the same building. 

In the other exercise, we were asked to read a set of drawings in 5 minutes, and try to take as much information as possible. By this exercise we practiced hierarchize the information from the drawings.we only had 5 minutes for this exercise so we looked at the drawings as site plan, floor plans, elevations and sections as these were the most important drawings to understand how the building will look like. With the limited amount of time we had, we ignored other drawings as general notes, door/window schedules, and details as these drawings did not give us as much important information to understand what the building looks like as the other drawings.