On class Friday, we were given floor plans, sections, and elevations to pair together. I have never put plans like that together for the simple fact that every time I was presented with that information, it was already put together. So for me, it was an eye opener. I was able to distinguish each individual drawing with the next through trail and error. Gained appreciation for the details each of the drawings has. Looking at the floor plans, and being able to see the bigger picture of a plan is something I look forward to accomplishing and mastering. Abbreviations is also something I would want to accomplish. It amazes me how each word, each line, abbreviation, page, etc, that completes a  plan, holds value. You must be super precise with all the work you put into a plan. Because one mistake can ruin the entire design. You must also hold everything inside the structure accountable. From floors, ceilings, types of wood, light fixtures, faucets, doorknobs, windows, doors, the list goes on. Fridays activity opened my eyes, and made me very curious to learn more about what goes into a plan.