Professors Montgomery and Phillip

Author: ChunYu Lin

Semester reflection

During the first day , i thought the title “Learning the places” is just another boring class because it has nothing to do with my major. I was wrong, it was way more fun. over the 15 weeks, i learned so many things while attending the class. Learning the places isn’t just about learning the changes, it also involves how people react to the changes and what did they do to adapt the changes.  Another thing that grab my attention is the final project, this is the first time that i used podcast as a way to express my work, and i have to record my voice over and over again until i’m sure that i make no mistakes while reading my script. overall, this course is fun and i’d recommend this course to my friends.

mid term reflection

For the mid term, me and Jason wasn’t able to present due to personal issues. However, while researching the topic ,  i learned many things over time. First of all, the architecture develop is more interesting than i thought and the way how building being built changes way more than i imagined. In addition, we were planned to focus on population and architecture at first , then we realized that we should be focusing on one topic as it will gives audience more information and keep the topic relevant to our final project, being specific is the key of this course.

3rd trip- reflection

During the third trips, we are mainly focusing on the architectural side of the building. As we walking around the square, we found some similarities and differences between each building.

first of all,  all the building are modernized and has glass window on the first floor, and most of them are selling foods.  One interesting difference that we notice is the height. some of them are super tall and some of them are only few stories high. we also discussed about the positive and negative side of the square. It’s convenient for the people who are in the square to walk between the building and the people from outside of the square have easy access of the square.Inside the square, there are chairs set for 4 people, which is the representation of the social, and there are chair only fit for one person, which is represent non-social. Since the building is business wise, the negative side of the square is that the place will feel empty after 5PM.


Over two weeks period of the assignment of studying my neighborhood.  I have learned 2 things that changed the way i’m thinking and it will impact the way i view project as whole in the future.

First of all , before the assignment, i never thought that video memo would be so effective as i become more aware of my surrounding and  pay attention to the details of the building. As i recording the video and talking as i recording, i saw the changes and the interaction between people. People would stop in the middle of the street and chat for few minutes with their friends.  On that moment, i realized that i didn’t know my neighborhood well as i thought.

Second, as i talk to the elderly around my neighborhood. I notice that if you live in an environment that does not require  you to speak foreign language, you can still be happy and live wealthy like the way you live in your home country.  The most frequently question that i asked the elderly is how happy are you living in the foreign country that you’re not familiar with and the majorities of them answer very happy . I was shocked because i wasn’t expecting to get such positive answer.