Bizarre Insectlike creatures discovered in Spanish cave

Bizarre insectlike creatures discovered in Spanish cave

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  1. The diversity of life continue to show how diverse life really is. These organisms might be bizarre looking, but they demonstrate that adaptability is one of the strategies that various organisms use to survive. These organisms have very little light and a springy tail and they live in caves that are semi-cold on the inside, but freezing on the outside. I am always humbled when I encounter information that reinforces the theory of evolution. These organisms remind me of other organisms that live for thousands of years in extreme heat and others that live in sub-zero coldness. Our planet continue to yield many surprises that testify to life’s diversity. I am beginning to think that our planet is indeed unique, because of the history of the past species and the present and future species that are here. Can there be another planet like this one? I hope that I am here when that question is answered.

  2. shervon says:

    This is why Biology is very interesting to me.It is fascinating to find out about new discoveries and that different and undiscovered forms of life on this great planet still exist. Plus with the advancement of technology, the unseen world of microorganism is finally becoming visible.There is no telling what we will discover next.

  3. I found this article, suprisingly, incredibly interesting. As to I hate insects that are big enough ie. Cockroaches, Water-bugs, and anything else in that family. But these “springtails” where suprisigly interesting, mostly becaue they have made the adaptation to be able to live in dark caves with absolutely no light at times, and still have survived all of the effects of the life over the years. I also find it incredible that one of the insects found by reasearchers, happened to lack eyes! Overall I found this article incredibly interesting & I hope to read up on this topic to see how the studies have grown into more findings in these spanish caves.

  4. margotlsalas says:

    Discoveries, such as the one portrayed in the article, leave many wonders to those who are curious about any other unknown species on Earth. The truth is, there must be plenty of more unknown species on this Earth. The problem is that the are in places out of human reach. This is where technological advancements take place and can achieve many great discoveries. I am very curious to know how these species were found if outside of the cave, the temperature is below what human beings can withstand, -44 degrees Fahrenheit! I am assuming that they had extensive body suits, otherwise seems like unbearable conditions to be on. In locations such as these, or deeply underneath of the ocean or the ground, there can be exotic animals that we may not know exist, but technology can play a crucial role in these advancements.

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