Hurricane Sandy

We’ve recently experienced one of the worst weather phenomenons that had hit the Northeast Coast. As residents of New York City and adjacent areas we get to see a lot of devastation around us. The effect of this hurricane will have a direct emotional, health and economic impact on the lives of Americans. Use the following readings to understand the hurricane from a scientific perspective and feel free to use this as a forum to express your feelings after the natural disaster that we unfortunately had to face.

Below you can access an article that relates to the climate change impact on the Northeast of the United States

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11 Responses to Hurricane Sandy

  1. I think the United States as a whole is being very selfish. Due to the fact that this presidential race, they have payed very small attention to the growing problem of global warming. Now this isn’t something that can be solved over-night, I know that. But come on people, if you don’t put it out there that you’re even going to pay attention to it, what makes me believe that you care. Now I live not to far from the water in manhattan, and I had about 5 feet of water come into my building and I personally had no power for 6 days, the crazy thing was that this storm was only a category 1 storm and all this madness happened, now just imagine if this was even a category 3 or 4, down town manhattan would’ve been inhabitable. I just think that we have bigger problems than welfare and money, that people just have to stop being greedy, and sitting around at home waiting for their checks to come in, and start working. That would solve that problem, then after that I believe we as Americans, would have enough space to do some more work in cleaner energy sources, and try to not be so involved in other countries problems. Now you can say that this has nothing to do with the Hurricane, but in fact, all these items have every little bit to do with the hurricane, because the main problem of the hurricane was the intensity of it, and the reason why it came like it did was due to the over lying problem of green house gases, which because of all the pollution, are DRASTICALLY changing our environment.

  2. Climate change has affected the world’s economy and the world’s greatest resource, its people, in many drastic ways. We are experiencing extreme weather and extreme expenses; the world is seeing rising sea levels, warmer oceans, and intense heavy rainfall. If the weather we are experiencing are signs of future events, then the polarizing of climate change needs to end immediately. Politicians must act now and act with reason and a sense of urgency. All of us must understand that the greenhouse gas emissions is not only in our national interest, but in the interest of the world’s future.

  3. Justin Jackson says:

    I’m still can’t believe that Sandy was caused by the rising greenhouse emissions. It caused a lot of damage. It hit certain areas of New York pretty bad. We had intense winds and rising sea levels.

  4. Tiffany Onate says:

    Personally, i believe that after the first encounter last year there should have been already preparation for this tropical storm. But knowing how human beings are, nothing ever makes a change until someone important or something important is harmed. that really never made much sense to me but what can we say. some people i knew found the storm pretty cool in the sense that new york i guess got hit with one. i thought it was something serious and it was a sad result right after because many lost there lives. i know many who still dont have power and are doing homework by candle light. This impact hopeful finally made our government and country finally realize it is possible for these kind of natural disasters to happen, hopefully there is better luck next time.

  5. huda says:

    I believe many of us did not take the storm seriously. This is because Irene last year was over hyped. Many felt they did not have to evacuate. Many did not prepare themselves because they thought it was unnecessary. There are people that lost electricity, water, gas, homes and even worst, there are those who lost their lives. Two weeks after the storm is over, many people still do not have power, water and food. Although many organizations are working hard to provide supplies to locations such as Redhook and Coney Island, there is much more that should be done. New Yorkers are known for strength and can over come anything.
    There should be research involving climate change and global warming because it seems like global warming is very dangerous. Can cause lots of damge. We have to educate people understand what causes it and how to deal with it. Although Sandy caused lots of damage but we sure learned from it. Next time people will be more knowledgeable and prepared.

  6. cmasih says:

    One summer night about 10 years back, I realized that the nights started getting cooler, then a few years later I started to notice that it rained less in April and that it started to rain more in May, delayed summers. I didn’t see as many butterflies in the morning or fireflies at night. I didn’t think much of this at first but the changes in the climate were very stricking to say the least. Soon after, all I kept hearing about on the news was how the earth was getting warming and that we should not use aerosole cans because they ruin the ozone layer and that we have to start recycling. Thus, people have become a bit more conscious about the environment although most of us remain complacent. So I wasn’t really surprised to see a powerful storm like sandy; I always thought that it was just a matter of time before a perfect storm like her, which had all the ingredients of all that could go awry during a hurrican, hit the East Coast. The continued overusage of greenhouse gas emission will make for increased severity in extreme weather patterns if we do not do our part to make a cleaner earth, it is not fair to expect the government to waive a magic wand, we should collectively take the iniative to acheive a cleaner greener future.

  7. I feel most people did not take the advertise seriously, mainly because there have many occasion on which bad weather has been forecast but at the end nothing happen. Most of us, and i including myself, thought nothing bad or major was going to happen. It is so sad and devastating this was not the case. Hopefully, everyone learn from this experience and and get ourselves more prepared to deal with similar situation. I heart goes with all those families that lost love ones and lost all their property.

  8. Katherine Rodriguez says:

    When I first heard about the storm I thought to myself here we go again, due to the past storm of Irene. When it came around nothing really happened it just rained so I thought this would be the same situation. Honestly, I didn’t expect the outcome we had, that night i was still taking as a joke. Until i received a call from my brother and aunt that they had no power or water. They sounded devastated, this is when i realized that maybe this was more serious. The next day the news was all about what Sandy had caused, no schools, no trains, a lot of people out of work, it was truly horrible. After seeing the news i felt upset about the poor people who were actually affected by the storm. I felt thankful that my area wasn’t really affected and hoped for all those who were too be able to recover soon.

  9. margotlsalas says:

    The emphasis of this article is that it starts off with “small” catastrophes such as Hurricane Sandy to alert local communities about a larger problem. Hurricane Sandy was unexpected to many, as was Hurricane Katrina and the earthquakes in Chile and the tsunamis in Sri Lanka. Overall, the world needs to come together to work toward saving what is left of the world. Us, as human beings should be aware and should be worried because our instinct is to preserve our lives, but how many of us are really making an effort to contribute to this cause? We all say yea this is an important issue, meanwhile most of us comply with the bandwagon effect. As much as policy goes, carbon emission won’t end unless individuals take responsibility to change something within themselves as well. Aside from this article, I would recommend people to watch a video called Climate Refugees. It should sum up the biggest problem the world is facing now.

  10. shervon says:

    With all the crazy and bizarre weather we have been getting lately, I am starting to become more and more in awe of what the weather can do. not to long ago japan was hit with a massive tsunami, now New York got banged up pretty bad by hurricane sandy. People have lost hope and said things like “nature is just taking its cost” but we as scientist believe different. This goes back to the issue of globing warming,which holds us responsible for awaking natures massive force by our 21st century lifestyles. People should take an interest in going green, by using electric cars etc, instead of fearfully anticipating the next future disaster. If we open our minds and live greener,we can prevent a lot of natural disasters.

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