Journal Entry 2- Getting the Job


I applied to many internships, the process was tiring

I am a Creative Intern at RAPP. I work under the Art Directors, Creative Directors as well as my supervisor who also happens to be my mentor throughout the internship, her name is Toni Kaleda. I will be helping in the creative process, sitting in during client briefs, researching, coming up with concepts. But before starting my internship, I was applying to many openings on Linkedin. I became very interested in Advertising after taking a course at City Tech. I really enjoyed the creative process, and thinking of strategies and concepts.  I am not into Video Production or Print Production so I strictly looked for Design/ Art DIrector Internships and applied to many. Prior to applying to RAPP, I did not know of the company,I just applied.

The description they had seemed to fall in line with what I was looking for. The application process was fun. It was not your normal ‘boring’ questions. They asked weird and fun questions such as ” If you had your own agency what would you name it and what would be cool about it” and “who will be president in 2068, describe them in 3 words”. A week passed by and I got an email from HR saying the Creative team looked over everything and would like to schedule Skype call. The interview was short, only about 10 minutes.

I was a little nervous during my interview

I was a little nervous during my interview

I was interviewed  by the Art Director, Senior HR and someone who worked in Marketing. The interview began with the basic questions “why did you apply, tell us about yourself” but it started getting trickier. The Art Director asked me for a pitch (luckily I studied before hand) and my definition of “Creativity”.  Short and sweet, to the point.

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