2 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. walkiriacabrera

    I open E-Specs for the first time and I look through what needs to be done as far as what group i’m in. Since this is a new program it’s kinda confusing how to work with it. Although, the best way I can learn is by asking questions to those who are familiar with it and looking for tutorials online. Since it’s a new program i don’t really know how easy it is to find tutorials but I know there has to be something out there. That is generally how i learn to begin to use a new software I was introduced.

  2. Baljinder

    Especs is a new program for me like for most of us. I was able to open up the program and play around with it, I think it makes sense for us to have this program as it extracts information from the revitalize model itself rather than searching for it. I think I am comfortable working with specs the original way but am open to more information and programming. Hopefully I will be able to get a grasp on this program so that it could further develop the specificactions.

    The best way I learn is if an instructor goes throughly over a program and allows for me to do hands on practice in their presence so that I can get an idea of what I’m doing. Sometimes depending on the topic, I prefer to experience things by visually seeing something presented or done. After that, I try to use sample as my guideline so that I know in which direction I should move in.


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