Weeks 1 and 2

These were difficult weeks to join the Solar Decathlon because a major project deadline. Describe your intial experiences in joining the solar Decathlon project. Were you satisfied with your performance? How could you have done better? Were you able to connect with your group? Do you understand your assignment in relation to specifications?

2 thoughts on “Weeks 1 and 2

  1. Baljinder

    Despite the project deadline, it was not too difficult for me to join the Solar Decathlon team. I have sat in some meetings as well as participated in last semesters Building Performance Workshop class. Besides the class, I worked with Professor Azaroff with ideal suggestions on diagramming and an initial story board for the project. In my case, I already interacted with all, if not most of the team members on the Solar Decathlon team.

    During weeks one and two I was able to jump straight into the project by helping Hadiza, the Health and Safety Officer of the project., with the Health and Safety Manual. I was in charge of editing or making minor changes in the text already existing. My role was to focus more on the Fall Protection and Safety of the manual. On the other hand I am helping the systems team, which I wasn’t able to work with right away due to the amount of information that was lacking for the specs proportion.

    The communication within the team was great, however the lack of readily available information was stunting us to move forward with the specific area I am focused on. According to the instructions I was provided with through the Health and Safety Officer and the systems team I am able to understand my assignment more in relation to the specifications. Recently, I was provided with the necessary information on the Photovoltaic Collectors so I am able to move forward with some of the information provided for specifications.

  2. walkiriacabrera

    This week I have joined the Solar Decathlon and it was a different experience. I’ve never done so before. It was kind of hard to stay consistent with the work because I was working on other classes and another internship that I have. I feel like I can set aside at least 2 hrs of my time to the solar decathlon to produce the work. I was just starting to adjust to how they work and I was aware that they are very busy with a deadline. It was hard to connect with the interiors group because I didn’t know any of them and I had to get my schedule worked out. As far as the assignment I do understand that we are working with a new software.


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