Exam 1

The exam was fair. I think I did well.

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The first test

OK you have taken your first test in structures. How did you do? Were you satisfied with your grade? What are you going to do to prepare for the next test?

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Foggy points – lecture 1

In the last lecture, we discussed types of loads and how these loads are transmitted to beams and girders. What confused you or was unclear?

Posts or comments to this section are optional.

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Welcome to ARCH 2480 Jump in!

Learning a new skill, acquiring and applying new knowledge is always a challenge. Learning doesn’t just happen; it takes thought and planning. Usually we bring our past experiences and feelings with us. Sometimes they make learning easier; many times, they don’t.

Our primary goal in this class is to learn the concepts related to static structures, to calculate forces and to select structural members. Unlike most of our courses in architectural technology, 2480 requires the use and application of mathematics to structures. The secondary goal is to examine how to accomplish the first goal. What strategies can be used to learn and apply new knowledge? How can your learning be maximized?

In this first post, describe your feelings and experiences with math. Have you been successful or not in math courses? What techniques worked or not for you? How will this affect your involvement in 2480? Respond to a post with comments

We can all get to the other side of the river – each in their own way!

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