Learning Outcomes


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You will find City Tech OER-s the textbooks and other OER-s from other colleges as well to fulfill your need and succeed in this course. Each link in this page directs you to a short lesson to refresh or get the sense of the concepts. Some of them are associated with videos.

We will use the WebWork for online homework assignments and practice at:  http://mathww.citytech.cuny.edu/webwork2/MAT1275-S19-Mingla/

For deeper understanding of the concepts and practice please visit all the items on the menu of this course listed below:

1. Solve
Linear and fractional equations
One-variable quadratic equations by factoring,
completing the square, and the quadratic
Radical and exponential equations.
Systems of equations.

2. Perform operations with and simplify polynomial,
rational, radical, complex, exponential, and
logarithmic expressions.

3. Apply their knowledge of algebra and trigonometry.
to solve verbal problems.

Solve problems involving right and oblique
Prove trigonometric identities.
Solve trigonometric equations.
Graph the sine and cosine function.

5. Apply the distance and midpoint formulas and
determine the graphs of circles and parabolas.

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