Very Important Tips

Follow up and stay updated with all rules and policies of the New York City College Of Technology

Make sure that you:
Follow up with instructions and policies.

Sign up for the Cty Tech OpenLab using your citytech email address.

Visit every item in the menu in this course site to find the resources.

Read carefully the Department Outline  for the course and Course Syllabus

Visit the WeBWork site and do all the assignments.

Use all OER-s to study and learn:

Use wisely all the resources free of charge to study and prepare yourself to succeed.

Pace your study aligning your work with the topics learned in class and practice enough to master the concepts.

Work towards closing the gaps and be prepared for the next challenge.

Review constantly and intensively especially for the exams.

Have the final exam including perpendicular bisector extension as module  throughout the course as you learn each of the topics.



…………You will learn much more …just stay tuned……

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