Identity Politics: (Hajrie & Aleksandra): Identifying with a group of people based on their religion, race, ethnic background, culture, politics, ideologies, and they feel they relate to/ can be “seen” by others who are similar in ways that “matter” to them. (Websters Dictionary)

Siva/Shiva: (Iris & Luis): He is the god of destruction of the universe. Meant to destroy the imperfections of the world.  (BBC) Hinduwebsite.com

Velasquez  portrait of Juan de Pareja (David, Osama, Annisa) 1650 — Juan de Pareja (a painter himself) was also the slave of Velasquez. This famous portrait is worth $1,000,000 Euro. It is currently at the MET.


South Asian (Bella & Brian): India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Maldives, Bhutan, British Indian Ocean Territories (Wikipedia)

Quran (Shanti & Syeda): The holy book for Muslim. Believed to be the word of God. Dedicated to the prophet to Muhammed.  The word itself means “the reading” or “recitation” Islamcity.org

IMAM: (Vanessa, Ida, Kaylee) : a leader of a mosque

Patriot Act Law Wodley, Fabrice, Corey): US Legislation passed by George W. Bush in response to 9/11. Allows federal law enforcement to legally “deep search” to detect trouble specifically related to terrorism  Britannica.com

Hamas: “Militant Islamist group in a relatively secular society” according to the scholar Matthew Levitt in a book published by Yale University Press.



Mergers & Acquisitions, Public Defender, Due Process : Ciara & Chiu Wing:

Buying, selling, and merging companies. Financial transactions (Forbes)

Public Defender: Attorney who is appointed to defend those who cannot afford a lawyer

Due Process: Legal requirement to operate w/in law and provide fair procedure (Cornell.edu)

Ibn Arabi (born in Spain) & Mulla Sadra (born in Iran) (Ida, Kaylee, Vanessa): Philosophers

Arabi: spiritual teacher and master. Theory: combination of Jewish, Islamic, & Christian thought. Poet. And he brought his philosophy to N. Europe. 1165 A.D. HIs beliefs are supported in the Quran. “Those who know themselves know God”  (Ibnarbaisociety.org)

Sadra: 1571-1636– Islamist philosopher and scholar  — he was given a title that means “master of theosists” (focuses on philosophy being a spiritual exercise. Includes logic & reasoning) Stanford.edu.

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