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COMD3504 Communication Design Theory Goetz Sp24

COMD3504 Communication Design Theory Goetz Sp24

COMD3504|Spring 2024

An in-depth introduction to communication design theory, this course examines theoretical perspectives of design practice within the larger discourse of design and visual culture. Communication models, the […]

COMD2451 Web Design 1, Spring 2023

Jake Wright
COMD2451|Spring 2023

As online media dominates global communications, strong web design skills are valuable assets for any communications designer. This class establishes a solid foundation in essential web design techniques, covering […]

COMD3701 Design Studio, FA23

COMD3701 Design Studio, FA23

George Garrastegui, Jr
COMD 3701|Fall 2023

Working independently, each student researches, conceptualizes, and develops an in-depth project across media channels, which uses design thinking to address a contemporary issue. ** Any faculty member […]

COMD 3633, Advanced Strategies in Illustration, FA23

Sara Gómez Woolley
COMD 3633|Fall 2023

This course is designed to prepare the student for entry into the professional world of illustration. The development of a portfolio demonstrating a high level of skill and a personal style, as well as the ability […]

COMD3313, Illustration 1, SP2023

COMD3313, Illustration 1, SP2023

Diana Schoenbrun
COMD|Spring 2023

This course is a practical introduction to the field of illustration. Focus will be placed on process work and professional practices, presented within contemporary and historical context. Course includes […]