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Play Analysis: Texts and Contexts, THE 2380, Spring 2015

Play Analysis: Texts and Contexts, THE 2380, Spring 2015

Christopher Swift
Humanities|2380|Spring 2015

The analysis of play scripts for literary structure, aesthetic elements necessary for their theatrical realization, and an appreciation of stylistic approaches to plays from various historical and theatrical genres.

ENT 4410 Technical Direction Spring 2016

John McCullough
Entertainment T...|ENT4410|Spring 2016

An in depth analysis of the planning, budgeting and construction processes used in the production of scenery. Students will apply their knowledge of construction and drafting techniques and process to generate […]

Advanced Scenery Construction Fall 2014

John McCullough
Entertainment T...|ENT 2210|Fall 2014

This course aims to take a student from competency to proficiency in the scene shop. A successful student will be able to take a scenery project from the drawing to completion, either alone or leading a small […]

Stage Rigging Spring 2015

John McCullough
Entertainment T...|ENT 3410|Spring 2015

The course is designed to familiarize the student with the basic principles of rigging, the equipment in general use, and the appropriate safety practices and procedures. By the end of the course the student […]