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ARTH 1103 Survey of Art History

ARTH 1103 Survey of Art History

Michael J. McAuliffe

A History of Art and Architecture from the Prehistoric Era to the Present


Hospitality Man...|HMGT1102|Fall 2018

Learning Community: Together we will develop an understanding of what it means to be an innovator in the hospitality industry. Using reflection to better identify what is important to the individual and the […]

English 2400: Films from Literature

Caroline Chamberlin Hellman
2400|Summer 2021

storytelling on the page and on the screen

English 2001 Introduction to Literature: Fiction

Colleen Birchett, Ph.D.
English 2001

Short Stories from the African, Asian, European and Latin American Diasporas

ENG1121 Composition II, Section E120 , Fall 2019

ENG1121 Composition II, Section E120 , Fall 2019

Holly Melgard
ENG1121|Fall 2019

English 1121: Composition II, Sections E120, Fall 2019, Instructed by Holly Melgard


Prof. Karen Goodlad
HMGT 1101|Spring 2019

An overview of the history, likely directions and organizational structure of the hospitality industry and its role in local, national and global economies. Students are introduced to the nature and scope of the […]