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Biomedical Informatics

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MAT1372 Statistics with Probability, FA2018

MAT1372 Statistics with Probability, FA2018

A 3 credit but 4 hour introductory course. Topics include sample space, expectation and variance, binomial, Poisson, normal, student and chi-square distributions, confidence interval, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression. Students do a group project comparing 2 numeric variables and present at the end of the semester. The extra classroom hour is designed to facilitate a hands-on feel to the course including a heavy use of R supplemented by some use of MS Excel.

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CHEM 1210 Lab

CHEM 1210 Lab

General Chemistry 2 Lab- This laboratory course is a co-requisite for General Chemistry 1210 Lecture. One three hour laboratory meeting per week and a total of 15 meetings per semester.

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