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ENG 2000 Perspectives in LIterature Fall 2015

ENG 2000 Perspectives in LIterature Fall 2015

Megan Behrent
English|ENG 2000|Fall 2015

This course will introduce you to reading and writing across genres. The course will focus on readings that explore concepts of identity in America and the ways in which race, class, gender, sexuality, and […]

IND 2401 – Furniture design

IND 2401 – Furniture design

Dr. Lieselle Trinidad
Career and Tech...|Spring 2014

Introduces art and science used in designing furniture. Topics include: Fundamental ideas of function and social use; Form, spatial organization, and typological orders; Structural integrity and composition; The […]

Senior Design Project

Angran Xiao
Mechanical Engi...

This is a follow-up course of the two product design courses (IND 3610, Product Design I, and IND 4710, Product Design II). It provides graduating students a hand-on opportunity to practice concurrent engineering […]