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Spring 2013 – MAT 1272 Statistics – Reitz

Spring 2013 – MAT 1272 Statistics – Reitz

This course provides an introduction to statistical methods and statistical inference. Topics include descriptive statistics, random variables, distributions, sampling, estimation and inference, t-tests, chi-square tests and correlation. Group Avatar by flickr user AJC1 (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ajc1/7919937474/) Site Header from the excellent XKCD (http://xkcd.com/552/)

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CUNY Service Corps

CUNY Service Corps

The CUNY Service Corps will mobilize CUNY students, faculty and staff to work on projects that improve the short and long-term civic, economic and environmental sustainability of New York City and of its residents and communities. The program’s goals are three-fold: for students to make a meaningful difference through service while gaining valuable real-world work experience, earning a wage, and where appropriate, receiving college credit; for faculty members and staff, through their work with students in the program, to have additional opportunities to apply their expertise to addressing many of the city’s key challenges; and for residents, communities, and project sponsors to realize concrete benefits as a result of CUNY Service Corps projects.

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