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ENG2000 Perspectives Sp2014

ENG2000 Perspectives Sp2014

Rebecca Mazumdar
English|2000|Spring 2014

A survey of key themes in literature

COMD4900_D298 Internship  SPR2016 Goetz

COMD4900_D298 Internship SPR2016 Goetz

Communication D...|COMD4900|Spring 2016

Assignment to find fieldwork/study situations of approximately eight hours per week at an internship site approved by the Department Internship instructor such as an advertising agency, graphic design firm, […]

ADV2450 Web Design 1

Prof Dillon
Communication D...|ADV 2450|Fall 2014

A required course for all Advertising Design and Graphic Arts students. Topics include creative user interface design and best workflow practice. Students will design a website using an (X)HTML template, and will […]

ADV1167 Type&Media S2014 (MF)

Prof. Mary Brown
Communication D...|ADV1167|Spring 2014

This is a foundation course in typography with emphasis on using type for a range of industry related applications from print to interactive. Students will be introduced to principles of type design and […]

ADV1200 Graphic Design Principles 2

ADV1200 Graphic Design Principles 2

A. Vargas
Communication D...|ADV1200|Fall 2014

This course explores creative visual thinking and the importance of communication design. Students will experiment with image making techniques and learn to use graphic elements to communicate concepts and ideas.

ENG2150 Women Writers Spring2014

ENG2150 Women Writers Spring2014

Rebecca Mazumdar
English|2150|Spring 2014

An introduction to women writers.

MAT.1180.D154.Mathematical Concepts and Applications.Fall.2013

Tian Cai
Mathematics|MAT.1180|Fall 2013

Read Guideline Please