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Severino Alfonso Dunn
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Architectural Technology
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SADAA / PLB studio / Fabula&Syuzhet
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Narrative City


He graduated with an M.S. in Advanced Architectural Design from the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University in 2011 and holds a Master in Urban Design from the Superior Technical School of Architecture in Madrid (ETSAM).

He is the principal of SADAA architecture and cofounder of studio PLB and Fabula&Syuzhet based in New York, three research based platforms with a common objective; how body, architecture and city space coexist in contemporary thought. He has been employed in various well-known international architectural studios such as Carme Pinos, Angel Fernandez Alba, and Federico Soriano in Spain, Lomar Arkitekter in Sweden and Per-forma Studio and KDF Architecture in the United States. He now collaborates with Natalie Jeremijenko in several art installations in New York and San Francisco and participates in Project Intersection, a joint project built on the collaboration of various groups of artists, scientists, film makers, architects and urban designers.

He has given lectures at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University, the Environmental Health Clinic at New York University, the School of Architecture at Pratt Institute and the Architectural Department at City College of Technology in New York. He has taught studio at the Department of Architecture both at Parsons, The New School and at Barnard + Columbia Architecture, Construction Documents at New York Institute of Technology and Advanced Digital Visualization + Fabrication at City College of Technology in New York as Adjunct Faculty.

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Visual Studies I is taken in tandem with ARCH 1110: Architectural Design I: Foundations to introduce the language of architectural representation and visualization, providing students with the techniques and skills to perceive visual cues, make aesthetic evaluations, translate information into graphic representation, create visual design, and formulate and render concepts in two or three dimensions. This course introduces basic skills for the manipulation of freehand and digital images, models, and data, and includes an introduction to computer systems, file management, word processing and spreadsheets, scanning and image editing.

AR2330 Btech3 SP14

AR2330 Btech3 SP14

Building Technology IIII

ARCH 4709 (Beauty & the Beast III)

ARCH 4709 (Beauty & the Beast III)

“Beauty and the Beast” deals with digital deformation. Two possible starting points are initially provided to students: a machine and an organic form. The aim is to achieve new, digital-driven compositions confined by the input’s essence, all the while employing beauty, complexity and entropy as the main developing tools in the process. The objective is for students to identify relationships with what is essential in everyday objects as they venture away from the original morphology. It is through excess in the deviations that the students are able to visualize the incomes and outcomes with newly knowledgeable eyes.​

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