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COMD Communication Design Internship Coordination Site


This site is designed to help you find fieldwork/study situations of approximately eight hours per week at an internship site approved by the Department Internship instructor such as an advertising agency, graphic […]

COMD 3530 Advanced Photography Studio Spring 2018

Communication D...|COMD 3530|Spring 2018

This course will explore studio photography as a means to communicate ideas. Students will learn to use lighting to transform subject matter into metaphor, mood and meaning as well as how to develop visual […]

ComD1100 Graphic Design Principles 1fa2015

Professor Rosenblatt
Communication D...|ComD1100|Fall 2015

The study and use of graphic communication tools through understanding graphic elements and principles geared to the development of sensitivity to the nature of graphic relationships and their control within a […]

CDMG1111 D311 Spring 2017 Goetz

CDMG1111 D311 Spring 2017 Goetz

Communication D...|CDMG1111 |Spring 2017

This course introduces students to core concepts in the media field including color theory, design and production terminology, reproduction processes, file formats and substrates. During the semester, students […]

COMD3662 Interactive Animation, FA2018

Jerron Smith
Communication D...|COMD 3662|Fall 2018

Vector-based animation and interactivity are important presentation tools for engaging the user. The goal of this course is to teach the development of time-based animation skills. It will 232 introduce the […]

COMD4900 DO30 [10185] SUMMER2018

COMD4900 DO30 [10185] SUMMER2018

Communication D...|COMD 4900 |Summer 2018

Internship in Communication Design Assignment to field work/study situations of approximately eighteen plus hours per week at a graphic arts-related internship site approved by the department internship […]

COMD2330 DigitalPhoto1, Spring2018

Prof. Matthew C. Lange
Communication D...|COMD2330|Spring 2018

This course will serve as an introduction to the fundamentals of photography for students in Communication Design. Our curriculum will be based on operating digital SLRs and compact digital cameras, with an […]