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ARCH1121 History of World Architecture to 1900

ARCH1121 History of World Architecture to 1900

Brendan D. Moran
ARCH 1121|Fall 2023

This historical survey of architecture covers the period from early civilizations to the arrival of the Industrial Revolution. Architecture is understood as an expression of the culture and life of a society, and […]

ENG1101-D401 English Comp, FA2023

Adin Dobkin
1101|Fall 2023

A course in effective essay writing and basic research techniques including use of the library. Demanding readings assigned for classroom discussion and as a basis for essay writing.

ARCH1112, FA2023

tsachree, ioannis oikonomou
ARCH 1112|Fall 2023

Architectural Design 1: Foundations and Visual Studies



Alison Lowenstein-Isaacs, Nina Bannett, Jessica Penner, Sarah Paruolo
CT 101|Winter 2023

This workshop focuses on helping new students transition to college life, and specifically to City Tech. The workshop will enhance the New Student Connection with additional information, activities, and various […]