The crash course video was very interesting, and I believe that even if you do not have a background in computer science, you will find the Youtube video interesting due to how it explains some terms, and the history of engineering and technology in an understandable way. Something that I especially enjoyed learning was that in ancient Mesopotamia, they had a mathematical system called the Abacus that helped to make arithmetic difficulties easier. The abacus is relevant to the present and, in certain ways, helps to comprehend how modern computers work. In a few ways, it made me realize how much technology affects my daily life, from drafting an email to going to the grocery and buying fresh vegetables, because it has these huge refrigerators that are regulated by a mechanism to ensure food is at the appropriate temperature. To be honest, I don’t usually question it, and I just accept that it exists without knowing how it works or who designed it. From now on, I’m going to be more curious about how these mechanical systems work.