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ENT 1190 Introduction to Video and Film Production (Tuesday & Thursday) SP15

Ryoya Terao
Entertainment T...|D216|Spring 2015

An introduction to the basic components and practices of preproduction and production methodologies for content creation in commercial video and film production. Through lectures, reading assignments, screenings […]

ENT 3290, Digital Video Camera, FA2016

Ryoya Terao
Entertainment T...|ENT 3290|Fall 2016

This is an intermediate level course in the effective use of camera and lighting in video production expanding on the concepts learned in ENT 2290. Topics covered include lens selection, lighting techniques, image […]

ENT4900/4901 Internship

ENT4900/4901 Internship

Miguel Valderrama
Entertainment T...|ENT4900-1

For ENT Majors: work experience at a professional scenery fabrication shop, rental/supply house, off- Broadway theater, or any related industry organization approved by the adviser. For Emerging Media Tech Majors, […]

ENT3390 Sound for Multimedia, Spring 2016

ENT3390 Sound for Multimedia, Spring 2016

Entertainment T...|ENT3390|Spring 2016

ENT 3390 Sound of Multimedia, Spring 2016

LIB/ARCH2205 Learning Places Fall 2016

LIB/ARCH2205 Learning Places Fall 2016

Keith Muchowski
Architectural T...|LIB2205/ARCH2205|Fall 2016

This special topics course offers an interdisciplinary approach to investigating our built environment using a case study focused on a specific place each semester. This course combines physical examination with […]

ENT2210 Advanced Scenery Construction FA2015

John McCullough
Entertainment T...|ENT2210|Fall 2015

This course aims to take a student from competency to proficiency in the scene shop. A successful student will be able to take a scenery project from the drawing to completion, either alone or leading a small […]

ENT 2290 Video Studio Operations Fall 2015

Ryoya Terao
Entertainment T...|ENT 2290|Fall 2015

This course is an introduction and overview of the basic techniques and components used in commercial video and film production. Students will work in teams and individually to explore principles of production. […]