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ENG2575 Technical Writing (OL74), Fall 2020

ENG2575 Technical Writing (OL74), Fall 2020

Professor Choi
ENG2575|Fall 2020

ENG 2575 is an advanced course in effective technical writing techniques, including traditional technical writing forms and World Wide Web communication. This course will have students use electronic media such as […]

PHIL2203ID Health Care Ethics, OL77, FA2020

Rob MacDougall
PHIL 2203ID|Fall 2020

An examination of the major ethical theories on what is morally right and wrong, and the meaning of moral concepts (e.g., the concepts of right and duty). Focus is on ethical problems associated with the practice […]

MAT2440 Discrete Structures and Algorithms I, SP2020

MAT2440 Discrete Structures and Algorithms I, SP2020

Johann Thiel
MAT2440|Spring 2020

This course introduces the foundations of discrete mathematics as they apply to computer science, focusing on providing a solid theoretical foundation for further work. Topics include functions, relations, sets, […]

English 1101: Composing Gender & Sexuality

Hilarie Ashton
English|Fall 2018

Feminist philosopher Judith Butler famously theorized over a quarter century ago that a person’s gender is an ongoing performance: ”there is no gender identity behind the expressions of gender; […] identity is […]