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EMT 2390L – Operating Systems Laboratory

José M. Reyes Álamo
EMT 2390

EMT 2390L – Operating Systems Laboratory

MTEC 1001-OL00, Game Design & Interactive Media Skills Lab, Spring 2022

MTEC 1001OL00|Spring 2022

This lab-based course offers supportive instruction and training for digital media design and content delivery using a variety of software programs and platforms. Topics covered include but are not limited to […]

CET4773 | Spring 2021 | Dr. Mendoza

Dr. Benito Mendoza
CET4773|Spring 2022

Technologies, protocols, and techniques used to connect a computer network with other networks through the use of gateways that provide a common method of routing information packets between the networks. […]

EMT 1220 Mechanisms Laboratory

Henry LaBoy
Computer Engine...|EMT 1220 L|Spring 2016

Reverse Engineering/Product Design with Electrical Mechanical Interfacing, Automatic Control System Feedback, Servo and Stepper Motors, linkages, gears, transmissions, differentials, cams, levers, belts, […]

Component and Subsystem Design II

Dr. Yu Wang
CET 4805|Spring 2020

Catalog description: Continuation of CET 4705. Further design of subsystems requiring solution by differential equations. Worst-case designs and component tolerances, development of control systems. A term […]

CET4864 Feedback Control Systems , Spring2021

CET4864 Feedback Control Systems , Spring2021

CET4864|Spring 2021

Introduction to feedback concepts (positive and negative). Transient and steady-state analysis using Laplace transforms. Bode plots and stability criteria. Lab work includes the use of mathematical analysis and simulation.

Eng 1121-D443

Eng 1121-D443

Raquel Dorman
English|1121|Fall 2018

An advanced course in expository essay writing that also requires a library paper. Further development of research and documentation skills (MLA style). Assigned literary and expository readings. SATISFIES […]


Dr. Benito Mendoza
Computer Engine...|EMT2455|Spring 2014

This course introduces the foundations of data communications with applications in engineering technology. It provides a basic understanding of data communication systems and practical examples of communications […]