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ENG1121 WritingContexts, FA2019

ENG1121 WritingContexts, FA2019

This second term composition course looks at how writers put texts into conversation with other texts., and how we can write in multiple rhetorical situations.

ENGL1101 NYC DREAMS, FA2018, C303/D303

ENGL1101 NYC DREAMS, FA2018, C303/D303

How would you describe New York? How does your own experience of New York City life compare to what is depicted in the media? Is New York really a place of opportunity? What does New York owe its citizens and non-citizens? What evidence can you present to support your claims? In this course, you will analyze textual, visual, musical, and digital representations of New York City culture and human experience. As a class, we will discuss and practice the interpretation of texts and other media, the formation of arguments, the utilization of academic research, and the proper citation and incorporation of evidence.

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