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Introduction to Computation and Fabrication

Zach Downey
Architectural T...|Spring 2013

This course is an introduction to digital fabrication. It will explore the qualities of materials such as wood, concrete, and plastics in the context of computational design and digital fabrication thinking and […]

Intermediate Computation and Fabrication, Spring 2014

Charlie Able
Architectural T...|Arch 3690|Spring 2014

This course, the second in the digital fabrication certificate sequence (following ARCH3590), focuses on the development of parametric tools and digital prototyping techniques. Beginning from the study of […]

ARCH4710UrbanDesign, Fall 2013

J A Montgomery
Architectural T...|4710|Fall 2013

This design course will cover a range of urban and architectural design issues. Students will explore both the theoretical and pragmatic aspects of design applied in an urban environment. As an advanced design […]