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HI! My name is Tiffany Alston and I’d like to welcome you to my ePortfolio. I am a student New York City College of, Technology; I’m currently enrolled in the Fashion Marketing program. My ePortfolio is being created to display some of the projects I’ve completed for the Fashion Marketing courses that I am taking as part of my Bachelor’s degree. My goal is to complete the Bachelor’s program with aspirations of becoming a Marketing Director for a major Fashion House.

In addition, my ePortfolio includes a Cover Letter and Resume Page. On my Resume you will find, a description of the various jobs I’ve held over the years that pertain to the field I hope to work in.
As for my works page, it contains several different projects I’ve completed for throughout the course.

My Contact page contains information about how you can contact me for an interview or if you require any other information.

I hope you my ePortfolio as much as I enjoyed creating it for you!

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Visual Merchandising Spring 2017

Visual Merchandising Spring 2017

Visual Merchandising explores….

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