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ARCH 3610 Fall 2015

Jill Bouratoglou, Lia
Architectural T...|ARCH3610|Fall 2015

Profs. Lia Dikigorpoulou and Jill Bouratoglou M/W 12:00- 3:20pm V0811

ARCH2480 Structures 1, Fall 2015

ARCH2480 Structures 1, Fall 2015

Professor Phillip Anzalone AIA
Architectural T...|ARCH2480|Fall 2015

Structures 1

ARCH3590 Introduction to Computation and Fabrication Spring 2014

Zach Downey
Architectural T...|3590|Spring 2014

This course, taught by Prof. Leonhardt and myself, is an introduction to digital fabrication. It will explore the qualities of materials such as wood, concrete, and plastics in the context of computational design […]

ENG 1101: Composing Abstractions

Prof. Gold
English|ENG 1101|Fall 2012

A first-year writing course for Architecture majors. Part of a learning community with the Architecture department. Course Description: In your college architecture classes and in your professional careers […]

ARCH2330 Bldg Tech III, Fall 2013

ARCH2330 Bldg Tech III, Fall 2013

Ting Chin
Architectural T...|82392|Fall 2013

This course studies the development of building systems as they occur during the design development phase of architecture. Using case study research methods, students analyze factors, such as building assemblies […]