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Advanced Technical Writing

Prof. Gold
English|3773|Spring 2013

How is technical writing changing in the age of social media?

Films From Literature: Shadow Play

Prof. Gold
English|2400|Fall 2013

Darkness, shadows, and light as they play across pages and screens.


Prof. Gold
test|Spring 2019


ENG 2420: Science Fiction

Prof. Gold
English|ENG 2420|Spring 2014

Exploring past visions of future worlds

ENG 1101: Composing Abstractions

Prof. Gold
English|ENG 1101|Fall 2012

A first-year writing course for Architecture majors. Part of a learning community with the Architecture department. Course Description: In your college architecture classes and in your professional careers […]

ENGL 2003: Introduction to Poetry

Prof. Gold
English|ENG 2003|Spring 2012

In this course, we will undertake a communal effort to understand, analyze, and interpret poetry written by authors from a range of historical periods, literary movements, and world cultures. As we seek to […]

ENGL 1101: Fire, Disease, Disaster: Catastrophe and the Shaping of Public Space

Prof. Gold
English|1101|Fall 2011

This course is part of a project at the Brooklyn Historical Society called SAFA: Students and Faculty in the archives. In this course, which is also part of a learning community with two architecture courses, […]