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Kieran Reichert
1121|Fall 2021

The OpenLab course site for Professor Kieran Reichert’s ENG1121-O431 section.


Professor Maller

Astronomical history is presented including an introduction to the mechanics and optics of Galileo and Newton. Radiation laws and astronomical tools including the telescope are considered. The solar system is […]

ENG1101 Blain FYLC FA2020

Jacquelyn Blain
1101|Fall 2020

This is the course site for Jackie Blain’s ENG 1101 component of the First Year Learning Community ”Game On, Python!” ENG1101 is designed to help develop skills in writing, researching, and reading that can be […]

MAT 1275OL14[64210], FA2020

Mi Ok Lime
MAT1275|Fall 2020

MAT 1275 – College Algebra and Trigonometry An intermediate and advanced algebra course. Topics include quadratic equations, the distance and midpoint formula, graphing parabolas and circles, systems of linear […]