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Prof. Paul King
Architectural T...|ARCH 2330|Fall 2017

Building Technology III

ARCH4861 Professional Practice

Barbara Smith Mishara
ARCH 4861

A comprehensive look at the building industry with an emphasis on student professional development.

LIB/ARCH 2205 – D940; Learning Places: Understanding the City; Spring 2019

Keith Muchowski, Michael Duddy
LIB2205/ARCH2205|Spring 2019

This special topics course offers an interdisciplinary approach to investigating our built environment using a case study focused on a specific place each semester. This course combines physical examination with […]

ARCH3522 History NYC Arch, FA2018. Zagaroli D636

Robert Zagaroli 3rd
Architectural T...|ARCH3522|Fall 2018

A historical analysis of the city’s infrastructure, real estate development, municipal planning and ordinances and key building using the comparative method. The development of a megalopolis. Tracing the course […]

ARCH1230 Building Tech II, SP2017

J A Montgomery
Architectural T...|ARCH 1230|Spring 2017

This course will study the basic materials of construction as well as the theory and practice of building technology. The course will include investigation of the assembly of building components and methods of […]

ARCH2310 Design III, FA2017

ARCH2310 Design III, FA2017

Prof. Jieun Yang
Architectural T...|ARCH2310|Fall 2017

This course is an exploration of abstract architectural design theory in the expression of three-dimensional space. The creation of comprehensive architectural design projects are developed following a building […]