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The name is Ling or also being called as Leo. I have a huge passion in the Culinary field.


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Culinary Improvisation Spring 2015

Culinary Improvisation Spring 2015

Principles and practice of identification, comparison, and evaluation of selected foods, ingredients, techniques, and equipment for recipe formulation, menu planning, and preparation. Examination of current trends in the culinary arts field including the use of local seasonal products and the application of scientific techniques to experiment with food preparation. Emphasis on creatively synthesizing food science, visual arts, flavor nuances, management and performance.

ENG 2000 Perspectives in LIterature Fall 2015

ENG 2000 Perspectives in LIterature Fall 2015

This course will introduce you to reading and writing across genres. The course will focus on readings that explore concepts of identity in America and the ways in which race, class, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity intersect to shape one’s experience, sense of self and understanding of the world. Through an analysis of contemporary American literary texts, and situating them in their historical, political and social contexts, we will examine the relationship between literary narratives and larger political and social movements. To do so, we will supplement our analysis of the literary texts with theoretical inquiry and historical research to develop a fuller understanding of the social and cultural significance of each work.

HMGT 4989-Culinary Tourism-Spring 2016

HMGT 4989-Culinary Tourism-Spring 2016

With New York City as a world food culture laboratory, students will explore the concept of culinary tourism and its economic impact on the tourism industry. Students will create, market and conduct their own NYC culinary walking tour. Students will co-create the Hospitality Management Department’s NYC Culinary Guide to Restaurants and Food Shops on Open Lab.

HMGT 2308  Professional Alliances

HMGT 2308 Professional Alliances

HMGT 2308 Professional Alliances 2 cl hrs, 2 cr The critical role of networking in the hospitality industry and its relation to individual professional development and career goals are explored. Focus on interviewing techniques, preparation of resume and cover letter, development of e-portfolio, and the essentials of business etiquette Prerequisites: HMGT 1105, HMGT 1202

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