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Peer Advisement

Program to increase retention of female students in engineering technology programs.

Architecture Internships / Jobs

Ken Conzelmann


Parametric Computation, Materials and Fabrication (ARCH 3590 | Fall 2019)

Parametric Computation, Materials and Fabrication (ARCH 3590 | Fall 2019)

Laurin Moseley

This course is an introduction to parametric computational design and digital fabrication. Grasshopper, a Rhino plug-in, will be used as a primary digital modeling tool. Students will learn how to use the tool, […]

BTECH 3_Project Website_Team 5_YP.LM.TR.

BTECH 3_Project Website_Team 5_YP.LM.TR.

Project 1_Brendan Cooney Health Club

Learning Places Barclays Center Projects Volume 2

J A Montgomery

This site compiles the research students in Learning Places courses are conducting focused on the site of the Barclays Center on the edge of Downtown Brooklyn.

Architectural Technology Peer Advisement


Welcome to the Peer advisement page for the Architectural Technology Department! Our main goal is to increase the retention of females within our department, but our services are available to all […]

Laurin Moseley BTech 3 Research

Course Research

Battery Park Pavillion

Battery Park Pavillion

Sketches of the Pavilion in Battery Park City